New York I Love You. Day. 4

Always starting the day with a good healthy breakfast and coffee on the go. We had a delicious bagel at Black Seed Bagels in Nolita, and with a full and happy belly we decided to spend the day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The museum is incredible and you can pretty much spend a whole day in there and still not be able to visit every room. There's a good mixture of art pieces from around the world along side an american art gallery and some modern art. Definitely a must if you're an art lover, and also very similar in terms of scale to the British Museum or the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. 

Just before the sunset we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge and made crossing of the river by foot finishing the day in Brooklyn and caught the sunset between New York's skyline. We finished the day with a glorious ramen soup at Chuko also in Brooklyn.

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  1. Que fotografias fantásticas <3 Adorei tudo!!!


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