New York I Love You. Day. 1

I finally got around to organise the pictures from my New York trip in September. It was my first time in the city and I can say I was in love! 

For the accommodation we decided to rent an Airbnb in the lovely Williamsburg and travel everyday to Manhattan. On the first day, after dropping the bags in the flat we had a little walk around Williamsburg and took the ferry to Manhattan

While in Manhattan we decided to start exploring some of the main tourist spots and get them out of the way for the following days. The first place we went was Central Station followed by Time Square where we stayed until the sunset. We finished the day having dinner back in Williamsburg where we went for a lovely Mexican restaurant called La Superior. This was a vert short day but we still managed to see a few things a start getting used the neighbourhood where we stayed. Stay tuned for the next posts about New York during the next few days. 

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  1. Já ha algum tempo que aguardava este post!
    As fotos estão fantásticas, curiosa de ver mais!! :)


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