Beauty Dept #7

Natural beauty and skincare products have increasingly stepped into my beauty routine as part of the more conscious lifestyle I've been trying to adopt. My philosophy when it comes to my beauty routine is to care for my skin in order to enhance my natural features with make up. Like skincare with no colour, RMS products are lightweight and chemical-free and are designed to perfect the complexion with nourishing and natural formulas. The Raw Coconut Cream was the first product I've tried from the brand and I used it as part of my double-cleanse routine. The Living Luminizer was on my wishlist since forever and I was lucky enough to score it at a really good price on a staff sale at work (the perks of working in beauty). This product can also be used as part of the new make-up trend branded 'Strobing'. Has anyone else already tried any RMS Beauty products?


  1. Olá :D Tenho seguido o teu blog e estou a adorar:)

    Deixo-te aqui o meu, que ainda é recente

    Beijinhos, espero que dês uma vista de olhos e que gostes!

  2. Não conheço a marca mas fiquei curiosa.


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