Black Gold (& pink)

Lace Bra: Waking Up with Venus / Candle: Cire Trudon x Giambattista Valli / iPhone Case : (c/o) Madotta / Body Cream: Grown Alchemist 

A lot has been going on since my last post and this morning I woke up felt like photographing some of my new goodies to share them with you. First of all look at the bra, a beautiful lace hand-made (yes hand-made) bra that my friend Lindsey from Ballad Of... Magazine did for me. Lindsey has recently created her lingerie brand Waking Up with Venus where she started selling hand-made bras created by her. It's no secret I loooooove delicate lingerie and the 'Midnight Miss Suki' bra had to be my first choice (unfortunately already Sold Out due to high demand) and of course the 'Scarlet' bralet is already on my next month's wishlist. So, please go check Waking Up with Venus and if like me you also have a thing for flamingos you'll love her latest design called 'Shady Pines'. The item that I reallyyyyy wanted to show you is of course my new iPhone marble case (look at that BEAUTIFUL print) that Madotta kindly sent me. Everyone that sees my posts every now and then knows that I absolutely love marble patterns so finding the perfect marble case for my iPhone was a must. It's not always easy to find good quality printed cases and I must say I got a few disappointments before finding this one. The service was amazing and with the case they also sent a screen protector so I cannot recommend enough their cases. Another new goodie that has become a favourite is my Grown Alchemist body cream that I got as part of the Body trio Gift Set, another natural and organic amazing product I introduced on my routine. Lastly, the candle you see on the pictures is my new favourite candle and scent of the moment. This Cire Trudon x Giambattista Valli candle I bought from work has the perfect rose scent and even tough I haven't lit it I can still feel the scent every time I get home. Inspired by Marie Antoinette’s adoration of roses, Cire Trudon’s Rose Poivrée candle was created in collaboration with Giambattista Valli, to celebrate the opening of his flagship store in Paris.

I know I've been absent and the last post was nearly a month ago, for various reasons the blog has been left out of my priorities which got me thinking about how I can manage my time. The white ribbon is nearly 3 years now and the amount of time I spend on it or the frequency of my posts has always varied. I know probably I'm not the most organised person and usually by the time I get home during the week days the last thing I want is to spend a few more hours looking at my laptop. I sure love taking my pictures and share them with you but I hate the feeling of 'having' to take them just so I can have new contents, if I'm being honest I almost haven't shot anything for the past few weeks and specially since coming back from Glasgow (which I still have a lot more pictures to show you, but more on that on the next posts). As The White Ribbon is a personal blog I felt like I owed everyone that still comes here this post and, that I should share what's been going through my mind about the future of the blog. For the past few weeks I felt super uninspired to write anything here and that has been the main reason of my absence, I never posted just for the sake of posting and suddenly this morning I woke up and finally felt like blogging. I didn't take this pictures with the intention of using them with this text but it just felt right. 


  1. Adorei tudo! :)

  2. Que coisas lindas! O soutien e a capa são, sem dúvida, maravilhosos!

    Lena's Petals xx

  3. Such beautiful items!
    And take your time off from the blog if you need it, it helps, I've tested it ;) Sometimes the combination of it all is just a bit too much, right?

  4. Super fa ;) (sobre o print: eu tambem nao sou fa de prints mas aquele arrebatou)!

  5. OMG, que perfeição de objetos! Adoro tudo, principalmente o bra (que liindo)! <3


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