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1. Christmas at Sommerset House / 2. Glamglow Trio set / 3. Breakfast time / 4. At gagosian gallery / 5. Chloe helping with the shoot / 6. Tracey Emin at The White Cube / 7. Jane Kønig beautiful pieces / 8. Around Kings Cross / 9. The Conservatory

Another round up of the past few weeks through my instagram's feed. 

1. Christmas is finally getting into me, with all the decorations spread around London and even a visit to Winter Wonderland. 2. I've been using this Glamglow amazing trio the past few weeks and I'm starting to realise which ones are the most appropriate for my skin. 3. Healthy start of the day with yogurt, granola and blueberries. 4. At the Gagosian gallery on a weekend stroll in Kings Cross. 5. Chloe always getting in the way of pictures, while photographing my friend Maria Soromenho new scarves collection (you can check it here). 6. Tracey Emin's exhibition at The White Cube. 7. Jane Kønig's amazing pieces, I'm in love! 8. Around Kings Cross. 9. Back to The Conservatory, my favourite place to chill on a Sunday. 

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