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1. Christmas at Sommerset House / 2. Glamglow Trio set / 3. Breakfast time / 4. At gagosian gallery / 5. Chloe helping with the shoot / 6. Tracey Emin at The White Cube / 7. Jane Kønig beautiful pieces / 8. Around Kings Cross / 9. The Conservatory

Another round up of the past few weeks through my instagram's feed. 

1. Christmas is finally getting into me, with all the decorations spread around London and even a visit to Winter Wonderland. 2. I've been using this Glamglow amazing trio the past few weeks and I'm starting to realise which ones are the most appropriate for my skin. 3. Healthy start of the day with yogurt, granola and blueberries. 4. At the Gagosian gallery on a weekend stroll in Kings Cross. 5. Chloe always getting in the way of pictures, while photographing my friend Maria Soromenho new scarves collection (you can check it here). 6. Tracey Emin's exhibition at The White Cube. 7. Jane Kønig's amazing pieces, I'm in love! 8. Around Kings Cross. 9. Back to The Conservatory, my favourite place to chill on a Sunday. 

DREAM HOUSE #8 | decor

(via Coco Lapin Design)

Another week, another flat filled with inspiring little corners. Keeping it simple when it comes to decor is something I've been trying to improve on, the 'less is more' motto comes as the main rule so getting rid of the 'extra' has been one of my free time hobbies lately. I still have a lot of things missing on the flat but on the other hand I have too much of others. Boxes to hide that hide extra clutter have helped a lot to maintain plain surfaces clean and make them functional. In the mean time I'll keep trying to be more selective, and changing my lifestyle to be more sustainable. If anyone is also debating with these questions there's a coupel of websites I follow that have great articles on it, you can find the links bellow:

Mais um apartamento inspirador, cheio de ideias que gostaria de aplicar na minha casa. Cada vez mais tento seguir uma decoração mais simples e o 'less is more' tem sido o meu maior lema. Por consequência nas últimas semanas tenho-me dedicado a re-organizar e re-decorar as coisas lá por casa. Caixas grande que escondam excessos têm sido umas das coisas a que tenho recorrido bastante e ajudam a manter as superficies planas simples e funcionais. Optar por escolhas mais racionais a nível de consumismo e ter um estilo de vida mais sustentável é algo que tenho tentado adoptar últimamente e, existem alguns sites que sigo que têm artigos bastante interessantes sobre este tema, se também se têm debatido com este tipo de questões e estão neste momento a tentar mudar os vossos hábitos de consumo podem ler mais sobre estes temos nos links em baixo:

PAVILION | diary

Jumper: Lykke Li x &Other Stories / Bomber JacketMonki JeansASOS BagGloria Ortiz  / Boots& Other Stories / HatUrban Outfitters

This post comes a bit later than I planned as the pavilion has now closed but for those who don't know this was the Serpentine Gallery 2014 pavilion designed by chilean architect Smiljan Radić. Every year the Serpentine Gallery commissions a different architect to create a multi-purpose social space to sit outside the gallery. I've visited these pavilions since moving to London in 2012 and I'm always amazing by the different structures functionality. Has anyone visited this space or the previous ones?

Estou a escrever este post mais tarde do que tinha planeado, uma vez que neste momento o pavilhão já se encontra fechado, mas para aqueles que não sabem este foi o pavilhão desenhado pelo arquitecto chileno Smiljan Radić para a Serpentine Gallery em 2014. Todos os anos a galeria proporciona a um arquitecto diferente a oportunidade de criar um espaço multi-funções para a galeria. Tenho visitado os diferentes pavilhões desde que me mudei para Londres em 2012 e todos me têm fascinado pelas diferentes funcionalidades que as estruturas proporcionam. Alguém teve oportunidade visitar o pavilhão deste ano, ou dos anos anteriores?


Angora Jumper: H&M Trend / Faux-Leather TrousersZara SneakersAdidas Stan Smith BagGloria Ortiz  / NecklaceCINCO

A relaxed stroll around Camden was the perfect excuse for some pictures. Angora oversized jumpers are my favourite kind of fuzzy comfort and this one has been worn non-stop. My quest for the perfect oversized (faux) leather trousers has also come to an end with these Zara ones, the only down side is that I'm such a short that the lovely cropped effect just looks for length on me... Oh well, gotta bring them to the tailor. As you can see the Stan Smiths have pretty much been my everyday choice, gotta love the comfort of a good pair of sneakers. 

Um passeio pela zona de Camden foi a desculpa perfeita para tirar algumas fotografias de um dos meus looks preferidos. As camisolas de angora são as minhas preferidas no que toca a conforto e esta da H&M trend tem sido bastante usada. A minha procura pelas calças oversized de pele (falsa) acabou com estas da Zara, o único problema é que o meu 1,60 faz com que o efeito cropped pareça um comprimento normal em mim... Quanto às Stan Smith, como já devem ter reparado têm estado bastante presentes nos meus looks, nada como o conforto cool de um par de ténis. 

BEAUTY DEPT #6 | diary


The buzz around Glamglow's muds has been huge since a lot of celebrities reportedly started loving the brand. I've been curious to try their magic clays for a long time but the fact that all of them sounded so appealing made my decision a lot harder. So it was only when I found about this amazing trio that I made up my mind. The Gift Sexy trio, containing a full size ThirstyMud and two smaller sizes of the YouthMud and the SuperMud is the perfect way of understanding in what way they work which one of them works better on my skin. I've used the SuperMud on ocasional spots and it has definitely helped minimising their appearance. As for the ThirstyMud and SuperMud I've been using them once or twice a week depending on my skin needs. Have you tried Glamglow's muds? 

Depois de muito ouvir falar da Glamglow e das suas máscaras faciais de lama queria há muito experimentar os produtos da marca mas, o facto de não conseguir optar por apenas uma fez com que demorasse a adquirir algum produto. Quando descobri o trio Gift Sexy da marca, que contém três das suas máscaras, achei que era a desculpa perfeita para finalmente experimentar os produtos e assim perceber como funcionam na minha pele. Tenho usado a SuperMud apenas em borbulhas ocasionais e a ThirstyMud e a SuperMud tenho usado alternadamente uma a duas vezes por semana dependendo do estado da minha pele. Já alguém experimentou os produtos da Glamglow?


My November wishlist is less black than usual and again home goodies are very much present. Starting with the lovely brand new scent Narciso from Narciso Rodriguez with Gardenia and White Rose as main scents is everything I can ask for in a sleek lovely bottle. The Moxham white necklace is the perfect alternative to my beloved black Arrow necklace and it's part of the Whistles x Moxham collab. Zara Studio Always has my heart and these wide leg high waisted trousers are the perfect excuse to leave my usual skinny trousers. With the year ending is also time to look  for a new calendar to hang on the wall and I absolutely loved the graphics on this Little Lark moon calendar. No wishlist of mine is complete without a pair of shoes and &Other Stories just happens to always have the coolest ones, I'm in love with these loafers. Lastly, I've been looking for a teeny tiny coffee table that can fit into my living room without making it cluttered and this one from Airy looks like an adorable option. 


Jumper: Zara/ TrousersVintage SneakersAdidas Stan Smith / BagZara  / NecklaceCINCO

Finding new places in London is a non-stop hobby of my weekends. A couple of weekends ago, while walking around King's Cross we found the little yet amazing Gagosian gallery where an amazing selection of Richard Serra's work is being showed. Hope you like the pictures, and if you're around go and check the exhibition. 

Descobrir espaços novos por Londres é um dos meus hobbies de fim-de-semana. Num dos fins de semana de Outubro, enquanto passeávamos por Kings Cross encontramos a pequena Gagosian gallery onde está neste momento uma exposição com alguns trabalhos de Richard Serra. Espero que gostei das fotografias e se estiverem por Londres, não deixem de visitar o espaço.