GUILHERME VALENTE | illustration

With the new house came the need of filling the empty walls, minimal graphics mixed with strong colours and collage are the main focus. Guilherme Valente is answering everything I've been looking for with his girls based illustrations. Gotta love his work! 
To see more of his work just follow the link, promiss you'll love it! 

Com a nova casa vieram as paredes brancas por preencher, a procura por grafismos minimalistas misturados com colagem e cores fortes são o ponto de partida. Esta ilustração 'gril' do Guilherme Valente vem de encontro a tudo aquilo que procuro. 
Para verem mais ilustrações do Guilherme basta seguirem o link, vale a pena! 


  1. This is absolutely stunning. It almost looks as though it's coming off the screen in some places. Really stunning. xx


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