Japanese fashion label, Comme des Garçons, have taken selected photography and artwork from their short-lived print magazine, Six, to create a beautiful, interactive iPad app.

Printed between 1988 and 1991, Comme des Garçons explored the theme of the sixth sense, via their biannual printed magazine Six. When speaking to the New York Times, label founder Rei Kawakubo said of the magazine, “High fashion has to have a mystery about it. This is the next step: visual representation of the collection, purely for image."

Despite the magazine only lasting eight issues, the brand have found plenty of material to include in their new Moving Six iPad app, which showcases some of the best imagery from the magazine.

The app is divided into six sections, with a suitably misty introduction, followed by increasingly interactive stages. 

The app allows the user to tilt photos, and move about them as if in a 3D environment. As well as more closely recreating the feel of a printed magazine, with a simple scrolling showcase of photography.

One of the most interesting interactive parts of the app is the option to 'peel away' layers of imagery, revealing photographs underneath. Despite there being limited options to what a user can actually do with the app, it stays true to Kawakubo's original vision for the magazine, as existing 'purely for image'. The app can be downloaded for free here.


  1. tão giro! estas imagens invadiram hoje o Tumblr e chamaram-me logo a atenção!

  2. Oh man, wishing I had an ipad right now, this looks so great!

  3. Also, nerdy question. How does one enable the 'reply' option in the comments section? You seem to have figured it out..

  4. oh wow, this is such a great concept. I love the part where he says that high-fashion has to have mystery about it. so true and inspiring. downloading the app right now. thanks you SO MUCH for sharing this!!!

  5. Great post sweetie ^^
    Would u like to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin?
    Let me know :)


  6. Adorei este teu post, até porque tenho agora um ipad e gostava de saber apps interessantes para ter. :)
    Vou já fazer o download e experimentar :)
    Estou a seguir agora!!


    1. Infelizmente não tenho iPad mas pareceu-me interessante partilhar! Obrigado pelo comentário simpático! xx


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